Granite is a solid rock. It is widely used in construction. Granite is cold resistant, heat resistant and highly resistant to abrasion. It is extracted in different countries all over the world. Granite can be used in facades of buildings, external and internal staircases, columns, windowsills, floors, squares, table tops. Granite is used in a wide range of products such as cladding panels, paving, paving blocks, curbing, windowsills, table tops etc.

Granite white/grey

Bianco Grigio Sardo

Bianco Pearl

Bianco Sardo

Bianco Cristall

Imperial White

Kashmir White

Karela White

Sea Spray

Serizzo Antigorio

G 602

G 603a

G 654

G 654 1

G 633

G 655

Granite red/brown

Balmoral Red

Baltic Brown

Cafe Imperiale

Caffe Brown

Carmen Reda

Dakota Mahogany

Indian Juparana


Juparana Africa

Juparana Colombo

Kinawa Classico

Lilla Gerais

Multicolor Red

New Paradiso

Paradiso Bash

Paradiso Classico

Rosa Beta

Rosa Porrino

Rosso Africa

Tan Brown

Tiger Red

Granite yellow

G 682

Giallo Antico

Giallo S Cecilia

Bianco Cristall

Giallo Veneziano

Juparana California

Granite blue

Azul Aran

Azul Bahia

Azul Vacaubas

Azul Platino

Labrador Blue Pearl

Vizag Blue

Labrador TFV

Granite green

Baltic Green

Labrador Emerald Pearl

Verde New Eucaliptus

Verde Bahia

Verde Butterfly

Verde Fontain

Verde Laura

Verde Marina

Verde Maritaka

Verde S_Francisco

Granite black

Nero Impala

Nero Zimbabawe

Star Galaxy