Marble is a perfect material for interior finish of stairways, table tops, floors, walls and windowsills. Marble is a soft rock as opposed to granite or quartzite and it has far more luxurious pattern. We recommend protecting this beautiful material with special protective agents and ensure regular care during its life time. When selecting marble one should understand that its pattern as well as its color may vary. It is more evident on larger surfaces. As it was mentioned above, marble is a natural material created by nature itself. Marble can be used on larger surfaces.

We offer marble with the following finishes: ground, polished, bush-hammered and with vintage finish. Akmens Baltija provides a large range of marble with different colors.

Marble white


Bianco Carrara CD

Bianco Carrara C

Bianco Gioia Vanato


Calacatto Crema

Cremo Delicato

Fantastico Grigiorosa


Marble black

Nero Marquina

Marble blue

Azul Cielo

Bardiglio Imperialen

Bardiglio Nuvolatto


Palisandro Bluetto

Marble green

Verde Alpi

Verde Guatemala

Verde Guatemala Scuro

Verde S Nikola

Verde Serpentine

Marble red/yellow

Aurisina Fiorita


Botticino Classico

Botticino Fiorito

Botticino Semiclassico

Breccia Oniciata

Breccia Pernice Chiara

Breccia Pernice Media Chiara

Breccia Pernice Scura

Breccia Sarda Chiara

Breccia Sarda Venata

Chiampo Rosato Scuro

Chiampo Rosato

Crema Marfil Classico

Giallo Reale

Jura Gebendert

Jura Grey

Jura Yellow

Marron Imperial

Nembro Rosato


Perlato Royal

Perlato Svevo

Pietra Dorata


Rosa Del Garda

Rosa Egeo

Rosa Norvegiaa

Rosa Perlino

Rosa Portogallo Creme

Rosa Portogallo Salmonato

Rosa Portogallo Venato

Rosa Tea

Rosso Asiago

Rosso Levanto Classico

Rosso Verona

Trani Serpeggiante

Travertino Classico

Travertino Emil Rose

Travertino Luisa

Travertino Navona

Travertino Noce

Travertino Striato

Travertino Rosso