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A natural stone interior (marble, onyx, granite, dolomite, quartzite etc.) will remain a timeless masterpiece even if one and the same material is used in different premises or projects. As it was mentioned before, every natural stone is created by nature, that is why every batch of the same stone may vary in color or pattern. Natural stone can be textured in a variety of finishes (polished, ground, flamed, vintage-finished, bush-hammered, rock-face). Natural stone can be used as interior finish in large as well as small premises. Even a little marble shelf on a wall can be a beautiful decoration. Marble or onyx fireplace surround will highlight its design and make it a popular spot to enjoy its warmth. Bathrooms, internal staircases and steps, windowsills, kitchen tops and bathroom vanities, marble and granite flooring. The gift of nature for a durable and natural design.

Natural stone will give you untold years of beautiful and noble service with regular care. Maintenance may include complex operations (polishing with special tools) or simple activities such as stone cleansing with special shampoos and polishing pastes or stone impregnation. Caring for natural stone in a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor etc. is easy to do. It is important that you use cleansing agents specifically formulated for natural stone.

Window Sills


A bathroom is a place where one can relax in solitude. To wash your face, to freshen up – these are the usual things one does every day. Imagine you can do it in beautiful surroundings adorned with unique patterns of natural stone on large plates depicting the monumental inimitable beauty of nature.


A warm fireplace is a strategic investment: it can heat your house and make it cozy in a cold dank day. A fireplace is a source of heat; a fireplace with natural stone facing is a masterpiece, a chef-d'oeuvre of vintage classics providing heat and beauty of marble, granite or onyx.

Building Facades

Natural stone in facade finish can transform the appearance of a building, making it fundamental or lightweight. As a rule, granite, quartzite, limestone and travertine are used for facade finish. Natural stone can be used in ventilated cladding as well as in 'wet' render systems (glued).

Ventilated cladding consists of a metal sub-construction made of aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. It ensures proper ventilation of natural stone allowing it to 'breathe' and thus increasing its life time. Ventilated cladding systems are employed not only in facade finish, but also in basement finish.

Natural stone facades can be textured in a variety of finishes (polished facade plates, flames plates, 'rock-type' plates, combined finish of granite, dolomite, quartzite, travertine).

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Land Improvement

Natural stone is a part of nature. It exists in perfect harmony with various plants outside or inside the house. Granite paving blocks, curbing, paving made of dolomite, quartzite or granite – the versatile structure of these materials allows numerous layouts in landscape development.


Natural stone curbing is produced mainly from granite. It is resistant to temperature drops, durable and long-lasting. This material is perfect for roadway reinforcement, to hold paving tiles, for curbing and soil retaining barriers around lawns and uncovered areas.


Natural stone requires proper care to ensure its long lifespan. Only specially formulated products for cleansing and protection (impregnation) of natural stone should be used as well as special waxes and crystallizing agents.

TECHLAM ceramics

In recent years, TECHLAM ceramic products have been recognized as the best solution - for floors, walls and other constructive solutions. A wide range of colors and sizes is available.

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