Akmens Baltija LLC

Stone is one of the first building materials ever used by man. It was utilized in construction of pyramids, castles, palaces and temples. Some architectural masterpieces did not only survive for centuries, but have become a symbol of many civilizations – Aztec, Roman, Egyptian.

But even after the beginning of mining, when metals became widely used, stone would hold its own stand. It is still utilized as a building material. In spite of a vast variety of artificial stones available, natural stone is still the preferred material for facade finish.

Akmens Baltija LLC is active since 2006 and during the period of over 10 years it has implemented numerous construction projects not only on the territory of Latvia, but also beyond its borders (in Germany, Estonia, Sweden and Russia). Our staff are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the product information.

Akmens Baltija LLC offers the following types of natural stones with different surface finish:

  • Marble and travertine: polished, ground, with vintage finish, bush-hammered.
  • Granite: polished, ground, with vintage finish, bush-hammered, with flamed finish.
  • Dolomite, sandstone and limestone
  • Quartzite and slate.
  • Onyx.

The unique properties of natural stone are its durability, fire resistance and inimitable beauty. When selecting a type of natural stone, please, keep in mind that the provided samples are only a rough representation of the material itself. The appearance of stone may vary in color and pattern due to natural reasons. It is sometimes impossible to achieve a uniform tone or structural pattern because these stones are crafted by nature. And what is left to us is to appreciate the masterpiece of nature created many centuries ago. Before you order, please, contact us to confirm the details associated with natural stone (color, dimensions, pattern, type of finish etc.). We guarantee high quality products for reasonable prices. We offer a unique approach to every customer and do our best to fulfill all their requirements.